South Side Conservation District

South Side Conservation District Supervisors

Brett Jolley, President

Peter Dodd, Secretary / Treasurer

Dick Morgan, Board Member

Thad Porter & Nicholas Krick, Board Members

District Office Phone Number 404-3439

Got Knapweed?  South Side Conservation District, south of the Colorado River between South Canyon and Rifle, is a hot spot for Russian Knapweed in Garfield County.  South Side CD has partnered with Garfield County to assist landowners with free mapping, determining treatment options, and cost share to treat Russian Knapweed and other noxious weeds!  Call Jonathan Rose at 404-3438 or Steve Anthony at 945-945-1377 x 4305 or 379-4456. 

The South Side Conservation District has several irrigation structure models available for landowners to come into the office  to discuss with staff what their options are for their particular situation.  Stop into the office at 258 Center Drive in Glenwood Springs, visit with our staff, and pick up a conservation cost share application! 

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